Tubular Porcessing

CNC machineries and hydraulic or mechanical equipment for punching, drilling and tube laser cutting.
BS offers a wide range of customized solutions to achieve productivity and flexible objectives.
Tube punching machines can be equipped with internal, fixed or expansion matrix, to prevent tube deformation. Moreover, as all BS machineries, they are equipped with systems that allow remote service, through internet connection

Sheet Metal Processing

BS expresses all its experience in each solution for sheet metal punching: from classic "C” frame punching units (equipped with BS tools or standard tool stations A, B, C, D):, to complex punching bench, insertable into processing lines from coil. From single workstantions, to the entire punching lines.

Special Machines

Besides the above mentioned production solutions, BS, thanks to its strong experience and its technical department, can face and solve issues concerning the construction of special, hydraulic or electric, machines in the field of folding, assemblying, drilling and punching of sheet metal, profiles and tubulars.

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